ICOS Global: Your Voice of Change to Translate Beyond Words

Every business wants to multiply its global market share. It can be done by capturing the audience’s attention on the international stage. This can happen only in two ways:

  • By rigorous marketing digitally
  • Strategically translated copies with the true essence

Studies show that a total of 7,151 languages are spoken worldwide. In which English is the most widely used on the internet. The rest goes with Chinese and Spanish respectively. Almost 42% of languages are endangered on the internet. But these trends are changing nowadays. Customer’s perspectives are evolving nowadays and would trust you better only if you empathize with their emotions. This you can achieve only when you speak in their native language.

Finding the right way to translate and localize your content plays a major role. If you are here then probably you are looking for a trusted translation partner. ICOS Global can be the one for you.

We at ICOS Global are a team of language communication experts who can help you unleash your document which may look like a secret code to your target audience in a language that they can understand. Whatever the mode of content you have, having a trusted language solutions provider LIKE US would help in

  • Increasing your revenue by 1.5times
  • 2500% increase in organic performance of social media content
  • Grow revenue exponentially
  • 46% increase in brand awareness
  • 1.27 times more earnings per share invested in translation
  • 72% increase in brand engagement

Translations do not only require language fluency but a deeper understanding of various legal rules, familiarity with culture, etc. Translation carried out by machine is rather a usage of Artificial intelligence. However, partnering with ICOS Global which has an industrial experience of two decades can streamline this process by leveraging AI and human touch that help you achieve the accuracy with true essence in a less turnaround time. If you have an awesome product or service that deserves a global footprint then it’s worth it to partner with us for translation and localization services for your various communications.

What we offer?

Translation Services

Drive your words across borders without any difficulties. Communication is the key to any business and proper translations play a major role in the same. The various translation service industries we cover are:

1. Engineering
2. Fashion & lifestyle
3. Medical device
4. IT software
5. Legal & financial
6. Marketing & website

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Video Subtitling/ Transcription Services

Unmute your videos to the world with our video subtitling services so that the thought of language differences is vanished from your audience’s minds faster.
1. Elearning
2. Social media

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