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Cultivate Your Brand Voice Internationally with ICOS Global Fashion Translation Services

Speak up about lifestyle and fashion with a style

The remote culture made popular brands to think beyond boundaries of demography. Expansion into untapped market have become the criteria to keep the business running. Whether it is to set as international brand or hiring a skilled workforce language is the major constraint everywhere. It is always believed that English is the business language but going in and hiring a skilled talent or negotiating a deal is hindered because of lack of knowledge in the specific language based on its locality. ICOS global fashion translation services can incorporate real time language solutions.

Fashion keeps updating quicker than a model on a runway. Cultural trends shift like a TikTok challenge. We guess you would not want your brand to be a tangled ball of yarn that needs to be unraveled by your customers.

This is where we ICOS Global come in to help you. Our translators are fashion & lifestyle mavericks who have their fingers on the pulse of what’s trending, what’s not, and the latest cultural craze across the globe

We provide you with world-class lifestyle & fashion translation services, with an exact sense of authenticity. because we know fashion is the tool to survive and cross reality every day.

Fashion translation services for global recognition

Why us: How we elevate your brand voice with our fashion translation services

Trendsetters: Fashion is something that everyone loves to live and breathe with. Our team is no exception to this fact and has the relevant expertise. They understand every nuance from haute couture to streetwear. Thus their translations are in line with cultural sensitivity and trends.
Engaging results: Our work culture is something very unique and we go beyond translations. The true essence of your brand voice is captured with cultural sensitivity and we make sure to deliver the same in your target language.
SEO Savvy: The translated documents are optimized for local search engines thus, your brand is easily discoverable by the right audience globally.
Multilingual grip: We offer a wide range of languages that cover the major markets and niche demography.

What we translate

Product descriptions: To make your language irresistible in any language.
Marketing materials: Communicate your brand story and its voice in the international market via website to social media campaigns.
Fashion editorial and trend reports: Tell the world about your history and achievements.
E-commerce websites: Sell like crazy, in the international forum as well.

Benefits of partnering with us

Expertise in the industry: Our linguists are familiar with all the detailed terminologies that are used in the industry.
Cultural nuances that matter: We go beyond translations hence tailoring the cultural nuances with your brand voice.
Maintaining your brand voice: Your fashion identity remains unchanged when we translate as we ensure it is consistency with the brand voice you want to create
Confidentiality: Data security is a serious concern and we take our client’s data with utmost care to ensure security
Tailored solutions: Our ICOS global team takes each translation project specifically ensuring the specific needs and brand voice resonate with your audience.

Craft your brand intelligible to the whole culture with our Lifestyle & fashion translation services:

Just think how it would be if your brand graces a popular fashion magazine in Paris and you want to captivate the audience of Tokyo with the latest collection or want to dominate the social media feeds in Milan. You would be stuck with the language you need to say right?

We do not want you to get stuck in the middle of the air like that.

Let our fashion-savvy translators voice you out on the international stage to connect with the global audience confidently to face scenarios like this.

Contact us today and we will help you speak fashion to the world!

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