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Global presence is mandatory for any business to boom. Communicating your thoughts and ideas plays a major role for emerging as a powerful brand. In a market of diverse culture where different languages are spoken it is very important to make it simple for your clients to understand easily. We at ICOS Global deal with all your language needs to facilitate you with a smooth journey emerging as a global power.

Our language solution services includes

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Translation Services

Video Subtitling Services

Video subtitling services that narrate your story globally and increase your brand awareness.

Speak Directly to Your International Audience & Boost Your Sales

It’s too easy to connect with people with the advancement in technology.

Networking is the key to exploring more opportunities for your business to grow.

Been saying that there is no one language in the world that everyone universally understands and reciprocates.
We know how frustrating it can be!!
That’s why we at ICOS Global strive hard to provide you with the best technical translation services that aim to revolutionize the way you communicate.
The carefully crafted strategy for language needs is industry-specific and retains the unique flavor & cultural subtleties facilitating stress-free communication.
Best of all you can sound like a native even without being one!
Language should never be a boon, rather it should serve as a bridge to a better tomorrow!!

Technical translation services for global growth in business

Two Decades of Undefeated Success:


What Sets Our Technical Translation Services Apart?

  • Trusted expertise: Our extensive two-decade presence in the industry, ensures flawless translations and reliable services.
  • Global reach: The multilingual experts of our team are proficient in Japanese, English, Indian, Chinese, Korean, European and ASEAN languages facilitating seamless communication and understanding.
  • Cutting-edge technology: We utilize advanced data processing tools for leveraging the efficiency and accuracy of translations.
  • Security & confidentiality: Our robust technical infrastructure guarantees the security and privacy of your data.
  • Professional & precise: The professional translation services offered by us maintain the originality, flow, and meaning of your documents
  • Cost-Effective and Timely Solutions: You can enjoy Competitive rates and prompt delivery, without compromising quality.
  • Unmatched support: We stand behind our services with guaranteed after-sales support, ensuring your satisfaction.

Fuel Your Global Expansion With Expert Translations

B2B translation services have the capability of driving astonishing results to your business by allowing you to emerge as a global power. 

It’s going to skyrocket your sales by overcoming the barriers that you face because of the language gap.

Technical translation & localization services also unlock new communication streams of direct interaction with your customers in their language.

It’s better to grab the opportunity and make full use of it rather than waiting for it and losing a deal.

Partner with us with no further delay and let your brand’s potential be known in the global market!

Contact us today for a free consultation & see how we assist you in taking your business to the world with our technical translation services!

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