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Ensure That Your Device is Safe & Easy to Handle all Over the World: Medical Device Translation by ICOS Global

Translate the message of healing to make it easier with our medical device translation services

Medical device field is undergoing a massive transformation with incorporation of software in it. Each and every smart patient care devices are need for global localization for seamless distribution worldwide. ICOS global medical device translation services leverages the technology with accurate translations in software interfaces, labels and various documentations.

Playing domestic is a safe game where you don’t have to cross the bridge in the local lake. But over 41million jobs is dependent on the international trade. Translation industry can help you in setting a norm in the foreign market for your products. A successful launch of a medical product needs a clear understanding of that particular market in all cultural connections. Medical translation services can give that particular instant result and move one step closer in your targeted market.

A balance between the the ideal situation with realistic requirements is what it takes for a medical product comes into the market. The lack of communication due to difficulty in communicating the way people understand is like a virus. It isolates your life-saving medical devices from the patients who desperately need it. But here is the catch, unlike real-world viruses, we at ICOS Global have cure for it via medical device translation services .

We are not just translators but we are a team of experts who have a deeper understanding of the medical industry. Our translated documents are delivered in line  with the authenticity of the source language and great precision. Thus, your device can cross all hurdles and be a universal language of healing.

medical device translation services

Why Choose ICOS Global Medical Device Translation services?

We speak doctors, not just dictionaries: Our experts combine proficiency of translation and medical fluency. The result would be accurate translated data that saves numerous lives
Regulations are our kryptonite: We navigate all the complex global healthcare based on differences in law and regulations by country to process your document .  Hence, we weigh off the weights from your shoulders.
From Swahili to Swedish fluency is in our DNA: We can process documents for over 100 languages by precisely capturing crystal-clear cultural nuances
Your device launch won’t get sick: Our process is well managed to eliminate delays getting your launch is no longer a problem because of language

How do we work?

Accurate medical device translation services for all these smart devices matters as it is a matter of safety for both you and your users. Here’s how ICOS Global ensures the quality of translation with a carefully structured process

Setting up of the project

We collaborate with your team of engineers and experts to understand your device, your target markets, and the regulations that are expected. Based on this discussion a glossary, for key terminologies with the style guides to outline the necessities are framed to ensure consistency

Expert Translation

Medical translators translate your materials, adhering to a style guide document prepared in the previous step. Simultaneously a separate team of native linguists reviews the translations and its connectivity between accuracy and cultural appropriateness

Technical Integration

Our technical team integrates the translated text into your documentation and software channels and carries out proper formatting that is suitable for your global audiences.

Rigorous review

Our Quality assurance team thoroughly review the translated materials in all possible scenarios to identify any technical or functionality issues due to the translated data. Native or semi-native speakers are involved majorly in review.

Delivery & Support

Finally, the approved translations from the previous step and any additional resources (if applicable) are delivered to you. We also offer continuous support for future updates and maintenance.

Translate your medical device whispers to a meaningful symphony

A life-saving technology should be easily accessible to everyone around the world. It should not be confined to specific sectors due to a lack of language knowledge.
With ICOS global medical device translation services unleash global healthcare to its full potential and foster a future where innovation is available for all

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