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Software Localization Services- Your Key to the Global Audience

Enhance Your User Experience By Delivering Software In All Languages

Nowadays launching into new markets can happen in days at a fraction of cost and less hassle. Your software users can come from many geographical demographics culture and specific peculiarities in each countries. Each software usage differs in each country and it should not sound like an alien language to them. ICOS global offers customized software localization services that is countrified according to each area like from rural to urban.

Imagine you have developed complex accounting software. The accounting terminologies in the US and their familiarity among users are different from the ones in France.

Your software is a gem, but being limited to one language is something the world misses out on! According to global business data research people are not only speaking different languages but utilizing the software and hardware environments differently.

Software localization services are the key to enhance your global presence and coincide with the growing demands in the market.

ICOS Global can Unlock your market with the best software localization services

How can we help you with your software localization process?

Reach new market: Being local opens doors for new markets & creates opportunity for new client base
Industry expertise: Financial terms in France? Healthcare lingo in Germany? Localization is the only solution for industry-specific challenges
Collaborate globally: By localization, you can foster stronger connections and consideration for your global partner
Skyrocket your sales pipeline: Break down the language barrier and expand the sales potential.
Compliances are made easy: You can meet the local regulations with software-compatible official languages that are specific to certain governments and industries
Better user experience: Boost your user experience by providing an intuitive interface and clear error-free message.

Our streamlined software localization process

To take your software globally it requires more than just translating the text. Monolingual fizzling internet is a old fashion now. A well established localization serves as a way to establish trust and credibility. We at ICOS Global follows a canonical software localization process that integrates your software with rest of the world

Analysis of the project

Firstly, our team of experts assess your software, and understand your target market and timeline

Project setting

Subsequently, they team with your engineers to create a glossary, style guides, reference documents. This acts as a tool to ensure smoother consistent translations and direct both of us in the same page.

Expert translation

Our linguistic experts who know the specifications of software and APIs translate the given data. Consequently, they are reviewed by native speakers with industrial expertise as a quality check to ensure cultural accuracy.

Technical integration

Proceeding with the translation, we integrate the translated text into your software seamlessly with no hidden hassles

Delivery and support

Get your updated localized software with ongoing support for future updates.

software localization services

Go global today!

Your software is a masterpiece with amazing functionalities that are to be enjoyed by the world. It’s playing on mute currently to the audience who does not know its usage.

 ICOS Global can be your conductor in translating the brilliance of your software to the world for its harmonious experience.

It’s not good to let your masterpiece gather dust on a single shelf. It’s time to show the world what your software can provide to your clients.

Get a free quote on your software localization project to unlock the era of success!

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