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To unmute your video to your global audience

Communicate your brand story across all over the world with our video subtitling services

Engage with your audience globally and tap the international market

Your product demo video which may be from healthcare, technology, finance, or any other sector is a masterpiece and it already created that “AHA!” factor among your users. But, When you want to expand globally and get your viewers to get their hands on it the language comes as a fog and locks your doors to achieve your dream of becoming a global power. Driving your video as a global phenomenon that ignites sparks worldwide is very important to emerge as a powerful international brand.

A heartwarming video of your business that showcases your innovative technology can impact many lives. Picture the joy, tears, or laughter your video could spark. 84% of the consumers buy a product only after visualizing the video about it.

However, as per CSA research, 75% of online viewers watch videos in their respective native language. Language becomes a barrier here and holds its captivity blocking all these universal emotions to reach its global potential.

How can you unblock and bring out these emotions? How can you evoke that “wow factor” of your videos to a global level? The answer is simply by communicating in their native language!

Let your video connect with hearts all over the world! In business video is the king and reaches a diverse audience. It requires clear communication in all languages for its global outreach.

Let ICOS Global be your trusted partner for video subtitling services to transcend your video across borders and drive engagement all over the world.

Our video subtitling process that ensures results

Emotional storytelling is always a powerful marketing tool. Captivating your users emotionally drives more value and increases your revenue. By following the well-planned video subtitling services we can transform your videos into global powerhouses.

Client’s video submission

Our work begins when we receive the video content from our client. They can reach out to us via the concerned representative of our team

Automatic speech recognition (ASR)

At ICOS Global, we utilize an AI-powered platform to perform ASR on the video. This advanced technology helps in transcribing the audio into text precisely.


The transcribed text is then translated into the target languages carefully with right blends of emotions and cultural sense.

Subtitle generation draft

The generated subtitles are drafted in the corresponding target languages that are requested by our clients.

(QA) check 1

Experienced human reviewers with cultural and linguistic expertise revise the draft subtitles for accuracy, correctness in the grammar, cultural appropriateness, and readability. They ensure the subtitles correctly convey the intended message.

Client review

The reviewed subtitles are then shared with the client for their feedback and to get the list of potential corrections that maybe needed. Note: We ensure to explain the generated text to our clients when needed

QA check 2 with finalization

The ICOS global’s QA team incorporates the client’s feedback and performs a final review to ensure fulfillment of the requirement with no compromise in the quality. Once finalized, the subtitles are converted into the requested format (e.g., MP4) and delivered to the client

Final review

The client then revises the final video with subtitles and has the opportunity to request any last-minute adjustments.


After getting the client’s approval finally, the localized video with subtitles is delivered which is ready to reach a global audience

Video subtitling services

Why us?

We at ICOS Global remove obstacles and provide your videos with a voice where audiences all over the world can resonate.

The impact that your video creates is undeniable and we understand that fact very well. Our seamless integration with the right blend of technology and human power ensures that your product is picturized as a polished and professional one. Our video subtitling services act as the global voice that helps in the following:

Unmute to a wide audience: Speak every language clearly
Quality Assured​ : Accurate content after subtitling with 99% correctness
Quick delivery: Lightening fast turnaround subtitling services as you can reach out audience with fresh content to your global audience in their languages
20 Years of Experience​: More than two decades of industrial presence
cost-effective: Enjoy our cost-effective subtitling services that won’t break your bank account without compromising the quality

Unleash your videos to millions around the world with our powerful video subtitling services:

Having stellar video content is one factor but how far your message reaches your audience is the key. The power of global communication cannot be underestimated by the businesses that are striving hard for global presence because over 2 billion people watch videos online every single day. This means a massive diverse audience is waiting to watch and get inspired by your story. In the business, the video reigns supreme power of reaching a vast diverse audience.

ICOS can be your ticket for that to enter the international stage. We craft our video subtitling services with localized text that aligns well where they whisper jokes, translate tears, and all the other emotions that your video expresses to millions of hearts around.

Our translation for video subtitling is not just with words but with subtle of all human emotions and essence added by you in the video. The power of video globalization plays a major role in creating a life-changing impact on your business.

It is not fair to just settle for the local audience when your product deserves international applause and multiplied revenue.

Get a free quote today on video subtitling services and explore how ICOS Global can translate your message to the world!

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