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A language translation process that drives results and adds value to your business

Have you ever faced the challenge of communicating your Brilliant idea and then clueless about how to take it forward?

Businesses are booming these days with multiple demands. You may have fantastic solutions for the ever-growing demand. But is that heard in the right ears?

It’s frustrating when your brilliant idea, deserves to be unveiled on the global stage but all you can exhibit is silence. It is hampering your global outreach or restricting your potential to increase your revenue 10x times more. How can you overcome this?

language translation process

You would need a voice to communicate your ideas in a way your audience can understand. You would need someone who stays ahead of cultural trends with language-specific nuances. You would need a professional language translation process to drive results.

But here is the catch you need to choose this someone very carefully because even a minor mistake can cause collateral damage to your brand.

ICOS Global with over two decades of expertise in the industry can be your voice in such a scenario! Our language translation process would go beyond words. It builds relationships with your target audience to foster the empathy that ignites the wave of global collaboration.

We translate your ideas with precision and cultural sensitivity by ensuring your brilliance can resonate with millions of hearts all over the world. Our professional language solutions help you in making a foot as a strong international brand.

Our language translation process

From your words to the world

We provide a meticulous 8-step translation process to communicate your ideas correctly to the global audience and they can resonate well.

Project analysis

We begin by thoroughly analyzing your project by ensuring all your instructions and file types like text, charts, and diagrams are categorized carefully.

Transparent quote

Based on the project’s scope analyzed above, we provide a clear cost and time estimate that are tailored to your needs.

Streamlined preparation

The raw data is transformed into an editable format for a smooth translation process, followed by the project creation in the specialized translation tool called CAT.

Expert translation

Highly experienced translators with a minimum of 5 years are assigned to your project. They leverage your data in the targeted language with the incorporation of advanced technology for coming up with a précised translation with less turnaround time.

Scrupulous review

The translation team would partner with the quality assurance team to carefully check the translated document for any issues regarding the quality of the translation to ensure that it connects to the audience with the necessary cultural tinge.


Once the document undergoes the quality check we engage our dedicated team to carry out reformatting. This step ensures that the original essence is maintained.
 Note: We carry out this process carefully three times to make sure there are no errors and the meaning is not changed.

Final quality assurance

Our senior project managers themselves do the final check and cross-verify the formatting and translations. This avoids discrepancies from the client’s requirements and also maintains the original document’s authenticity in the translated version as well.


Our dedicated sales team member would deliver and communicate the necessary steps to be carried out further to access the translated version of the document.
Note: We Offer continuous support to address any post-delivery inquiries or issues.

Language translation process for flawless communication

Let your ideas be heard with our flawless language translation process

Your innovative work or super cool business has the full potential to create that spark to make a change or light up the cultural exchanges across continents. Without proper communication, it would be a whisper lost in the wind.

ICOS Global can act as the bridge to fill the gap and unlock your global potential with flawless accuracy and seasoned diplomacy from scientific breakthroughs to artistic masterpieces. With our strategic solutions, you can communicate with the right kind of audience who can enhance your business.

Our services empower you to share your groundbreaking idea confidentially with the world in a voice that resonates not just with words, but with emotions and deep understanding.

The world is waiting to hear about your ideas, creations, or services.

Get started today to share your voice with the world!

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